Oxygen-rich technology

High quality bubbler,oxygen mixed water technology,water the gentle.


Let each drop of water be enriched with oxygen ions, and then increase the water output through 7 layers of foaming and 1.2mm waterfall-level large water holes to soften the water flow and make the cleaning more thorough.



Long-time new technology

The new technology of ANNWA Sanitary Ware is currently at the international level. The surface of the metal has formed a strong and effective protective layer through 5-layer multi-metal composite plating. It keeps the bright and beautiful for a long time, so that the bathroom space of consumers has a finishing touch, and the product No burrs are touched, no oxidized spots and no pores.

Acid salt spray test for 48 hours, reaching the highest level of 10.

Touch sensor technology

“Touch technology” To avoid the stain on your hand.


Just touch the faucet body in the blue area with your back wrist or forearm to control the switch water, so that the faucet is always clean and hygienic.